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Our info graphic today takes a look at what has happened to ringtone industry over the past few years and how downloaded ringtones are on the fall. However, saying that, it still represents a multi million dollar industry, making much more money than the top three music streaming services combined.

Seeing the Chevy Camaro

The Chevy Camaro In And Out of the Background

PA Camaro2The Chevy Camaro is a vehicle with screen presence, literally and figuratively. People have probably seen the Chevy Camaro in numerous movies without ever knowing it. Subtle product placement is always the most effective variety. Product placement that draws too much attention to itself makes audience members keenly aware of the fact that they are watching an advertisement, which allows them to intellectually respond to the situation in all the wrong ways. The Chevy Camaro is a car that is noticeable but that still blends in with its surroundings. As such, it’s a car that people are generally familiar with, as if it has become part of America’s own background.

The Chevy Camaro and Muscle

While the versions of the Chevy Camaro certainly vary, the general public is usually going to associate the Chevy Camaro with muscle and power. It’s a car that can accelerate rapidly, taking people from a resting pace to sixty miles an hour in what feels like a brief instance. Chevy Camaros typically have resilient engines that can withstand acceleration periods like this. Drivers can feel like they’re in command of a space ship when they’re driving their Chevy Camaro vehicles for the first time, and the effect doesn’t wear off very quickly for drivers that are used to operating more sluggish instruments. Continue reading Seeing the Chevy Camaro

Pittsburgh, PA Camaro Club

Pittsburgh, PA has been associated with steel mills since 1911 when Andrew Carnegie merged smaller steel companies into U.S. Steel. Today Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania and U.S. Steel is the largest steel producer in the nation. With the automotive industry being one of the largest consumers of steel products, what better place to have a Camaro Club than Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania. While the ideal Camaro driving weather is only a few months out of the year, the Pittsburgh, PA Camaro Club is a great way to show off your Camaro and enjoy the warm weather that just does not last long enough in the Northeast.

PA Camaro1The Camaro made its debut in September of 1966 and aside from a few years in the 2000s when it was discontinued, the Camaro remains a popular American muscle car. While there are many theories behind where the Camaro name came from, the most widely accepted answer is that it means “friend, pal or comrade” in old French. The debut of the Camaro came about because of the release of the Ford Mustang in 1964 and was meant to be a direct competitor. While the Camro has gone through a majority of updates and changes over the years, one thing that has stayed consistent is a Camaro owners love for their car. The Pittsburgh, PA Camaro Club welcomes those who own any year and any type of Camaro from authentic restorations to those that are completely customized. Continue reading Pittsburgh, PA Camaro Club

Grooming Body Hair for Men

Personal grooming is as important for men as it is for women, especially for those who work with customers or in corporate or academic environments: research shows that a well-groomed appearance can influence others subconsciously to result in greater respect and higher wages. Many men, however, still do no more than shaving in the morning.

Excess Body Hair?Grooming Body Hair for Men

What’s below the neck is important; in North American culture, grown men are expected to have a moderate amount of body hair — without having too much in certain areas, such as the chest or back — rather than no body hair, unless they are professional athletes with Individual needs. Although personal preference matters, stylists generally do not recommend full chest or leg waxing for men. To maintain the right amount of hair in the right places, visit a grooming expert regularly, preferably one who know how to work with male customers, or invest in a good set of hair trimmers and clippers.

Chest and Back

Back and shoulder hair removal is the most common bodily grooming service for men, and the process is relatively quick and painless. Those who plan to tackle this at home should seek help from a friend. Men who plan to pay for professional waxing may also need to trim their back hair at home first, if the hair is particularly long or thick. To do so, move the clipper in the direction in which the hair grows, starting from the highest point. Trim down the entire back rather than stopping halfway. Leave the back product-free for at least the following day. Clip chest hair the same way, but allow some hair to remain. Do not trim patterns into the hair.

Arms, Underarms, and Legs

On men, the upper arms and underarms do not need to be hairless. Long or unruly armpit hair can look unappealing and trap odors, however, so consider thinning or trimming it. Take care not to leave a visible line between the upper arm and the forearm. Most men do not need to trim their leg hair, but they may also thin it out if desired.

Below the Belt

Trim hair on the buttocks at the same time as back hair. The area that is visible around close-fitting briefs should have approximately the same amount of hair as the chest. Most men trim the hair on and around their genitals for both hygiene and visual enhancement. Moisturize well before trimming, and be sure to work slowly. It is better to take more time than to injure important parts of the body.

Before challenging the art of grooming, do some research and buy high-quality hair trimmers, rather than simply going with the cheapest available. With the right tools, any man can look more tidy, professional, and attractive from head to toe.

Best Generator for the Money

This is one of the best generators on the market for the amount of money it costs. Everyone should check out this line of generators. With the ability to preform above, and beyond what is expected from this generator, this is a tool cannot be beat.

Every construction site should have a generator to supple the power. When it comes down to it, sometimes power is needed, and sometimes it is available. However; for the serious construction contractor owning a generator is a must.

With the best technology available these machines have been built. Get all the quality, and power that modern day technology has to offer for less. Most generators can cost a whole lot of money. This is a very good priced generator, and it still has a lot to offer.

Quality Products for Less

These generators really can preform. Just like the big high dollar generators these fairly inexpensive tools still supply power when, and where it is needed. Use one of these tools to supple the job site with the power it needs, visit this link.Best Generator for the Money

A good tool for bringing power to places on the job site. Sometimes instead of running a long extension cord using a small generator works out better. Get one of these fine generators, and never worry about getting the power delivered to where a person needs it.

This is a power tool that will complete any professional construction contractors collection of tools. Have one of these available to take to any location. Great for supplying a little extra power, or a few power cords to do any type of work needed.

Quality is definitely not compromised with the savings one gets by purchasing one of these tools. Energy efficient, and very effective, are these tools. Get a great deal, and one of the best generators on the market. Everyone should own one of these high quality low cost generators.

Some Tips and Tricks, You Might Not Know For Buying A New Or Used Car

Next to buying a house getting a car is the most expensive thing you will purchase during you lifetime. It behooves you to take your time and care to select just the right vehicle that fits your needs and budget.

In this article are some tips that will help you in the choosing process.

When you have finished, you will have learned some ways you can use to verify the car you are getting will be a good one with no surprises.

Researching before making a car purchaseSome Tips and Tricks, You Might Not Know For Buying A New Or Used Car

Driving around town is one way to find the car of your dreams. Though it is time consuming, it will often give you a better overall picture of where prices are trending, makes of cars, and see the various kinds of cars available in your area.

The classified ads in your local newspaper or Automotive Trading Times can help you in finding a used car in your price range, the make you want, and narrow your search down to a select list to help your final selection process.

Internet searches on local dealership websites can also be a great way to find that special car or SUV you have been looking for.

Finally, word of mouth advertising can get you a good deal on a care from people you know in the neighborhood or at work.

Whichever method you use, remember to take a notebook along to jot down any information on the car such as history, price, and options. This will be valuable whether you are buying a new or used vehicle.

Read Consumer Reports

Price information found in a consumer report is often the first thing people look at when buying a new or used car.

This level sets you on what you can expect pricewise before you go hunting in the car buying jungle and protects you from overpaying for a car.

Use resources like:

Flaws in the particular make or model of a car can be found in these reports as well you get feedback from those who have bought this type of car in the past. You can get a feel if the car you are looking at is right for you.

Service and repair information tells you about technical issues that have been experienced by consumers and you can see if the car is going to be a repair headache or not.

Here too you will find out about the costs people have had for car repairs.

You may find the one you like may be a money sucker and should be avoided.


Finding out what kind of warranty is always important when buying a new car. A used car is often out of warranty, but you might be able to purchase an extended warranty package.

Length of the warranty is also of concern as you want to know exactly how long you car will be covered and what you’re out of pocket expenses will be before you sign on the dotted line.

When your car goes out of warranty you will also want to investigate the possibility of buying an extended warranty when your current one lapses.

Buying a used car

Aging cars can be an issuance burden that you need to check out first with your insurance agent. Depending on the age of the car, you may find your insurance rates going up.

Going over the condition of the car with the help of a trained mechanic is way to make sure the vehicle is in sound working order and you aren’t buying a lemon or a disaster waiting to happen.

This goes double for the underbody, especially up north where it snows and salt is used to clear the roads. If the car hasn’t had underbody protection, you may be looking at a rust corroded frame. Also check for signs of warped frame as it could be a sign that the vehicle has been in an accident in the past.

Check inside the doors to see if antirust treatment was done and when. You can also see if there is any hidden rust in the trunk or engine compartment.

Check the condition of the spare tire as well. See if it shows signs of excess wear.

Obliviously a test drive is in order to verify handling and breaking. Check the front end Alignment as well. Poor alignment may mean a previous accident or other hidden problems.

Used car history

Online sources can now give you a history on the vehicle and give you some idea if there has been any serious problems with a used car in its past.

Services like Carfax will let you know the service history of a car and if it has been involved in an accident.

Here you can do a title check and see if the care was salvage, rebuild, fire/flood damage, or other types of damage as well. You can also find out addition information such as:

    • Problem checks
    • Odometer Check
    • Vehicle Use or Event Check

With the vin number information, you can go to CarHistory.com and check up on a used car’s history of service, repairs, and possible accidents or other events.

This is very useful to find any hidden problems that you are not being made aware of.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a great help if you are buying a used car from a dealership. You can check up on the history of the dealership and see if there is a pattern of deceptive practices.

Filling a crankcase with sand is still being done these days to fool customers into thinking a transmission is sound, when in fact it is a mess.

Complaints are kept on file and you can see what people think of the service, after sales support, and other problems people have had in the past and if they are on the up and up.

A BBB rating gives you an idea of the reliability of the people trying to sell you a used or new vehicle. You can also see what kind of service you can expect after buying.


There you have some Tips and tricks that can help you get the best deal on a used or new car. Follow them and you’ll get a car that not only meets your current needs, but will give you a car that lasts and is trouble free.

Purchasing a Cement Mixer

When you are planning to make a big purchase, such as a cement mixer, you will need to know that you are getting the best deal. You will want to know that the price that you are paying for the machine is not too high, and you will also want to know that it will run well as you are using it. It is important that you look into your options to figure out which cement mixers will get the job done for the right price http://www.toolversed.com/general/the-best-cement-mixer/.

Cement MixerLook Around And You Will Find The Right Cement Mixer

This is a big item that you are going to need to be very careful about when purchasing it. You will need to put all of the time and effort that you can into finding the right cement mixer, but it really shouldn’t be too long before you come upon one that you love. There are many reviews for this kind of thing online, and that is where you should look when doing your research. You should also go to any friends or coworkers who know a bit about cement mixers, and you should ask for their opinion on which one you should get. Do all that it takes for you to know that the purchase you are making is a good one.

You don’t want to spend your money on an item that just won’t work in the way that you were hoping for it to work, and you also won’t want to be disappointed in the quality of the way that it runs, either. So make sure to take your time in finding the right cement mixer, and you will feel great when you make the purchase. It is always better to be careful than to rush into a big purchase like this website.