Know Us


Ever since I was small, I have always been into rock n roll and that seem to give me a sense of being high just being around music that I like. In this case, I love the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club. Not only does it look good but it’s for someone like me that love their music to sound good. Due to my love affair with music I created the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club and it’s located in Pittsburgh.

Along the way, I’ve met so many wonderful people that seem to have a love for music. If not just one type of music that you want to have, some of them want more than one due to a variety of ringtones offered to their customers such as someone like myself. Not only do we love the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club but we think it’s the best and one of a kind to be proud to own and enjoy music no matter where we go.

The people that I want to join into the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club should have only one thing in common which is the love affair with music. However, I am also open to people that would like to learn more about the rock n roll as well as currently that are saving up to purchase more ringtones. Most of the people in my group already own personalized ringtones just by being loyal and who buy the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club ringtones. To be honest, I own several copyrighted ringtones as of this moment.

Having lots of ringtones is great but being able to share what you love is definitely even better. On top of that, by meeting other people that love music, it definitely brings the whole community together as one group of people that does get along. We have a face to face meeting once or twice a month since we are all busy with our life which ranges from having a family to starting up our own business. Although, there are some people in the group that are working for a big name brand company, what matters most is that we all love music.

If you’re interested in joining the Sonnerie Polyphonique Club in Pittsburgh, do not hesitate to contact me directly and see how we can get together in person. This is my way to interview people and get to know them on a personal level before they meet the rest of the people in the group. People from all background are more than welcome to check it out and get to know us. Hopefully, we all will get along together and come join us when you have the time.